State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility

Barrels and drums are manufactured in our state of the art plant located at krishnagiri, tamilnadu. Plant is equipped with most modern and efficient machinery to manufacture high precision customized products. The complete line is automatic starting from mesh welding machine to paint baking oven. Large warehouse equipped with mechanized conveyors help to maintain sufficient stocks there by reducing lead time and inventory cost for our customers.

Large covered storage areas and a controlled manufacturing environment prevents deposition of dust or foreign particles on the drums.

Leakage tests are conducted on each and every drum to ensure zero defects.

Logistical Advantage

The plant’s location and proximity to the central part of industry i.e A.P, Karnataka and Tamilnadu connects to major chemical and food-processing units helps in the speedy delivery of our products. Our large fleet of customised wide bodied trucks will help in quick, efficient and economical transportation. Special precautions are taken to ensure that the drums are delivered without dents/scratches.


Professionally well qualified, highly accomplished, experienced and committed personnel are the strength of DRPL. It is managed by dedicated professionals in the field of manufacturing of barrels and drums.